Charlie's Backyard

Easy Leash Bag - Red

HUMPHREY SAYS: The name says it all - this leash bag is so lightweight and clings on to your leash (so it doesn't dangle), you won't even notice it's there! Get the matching leash to complete the look. Available in 6 colors.


  • Carabiner easily clips on to leash, belt or bag
  • Wraps around the leash for extra secure hold; great for those that don't like their leash bag dangling when walking
  • Easily pulls bags out of the back opening
  • Holds one standard roll of waste bags


  • 3" Length x 2" Width x 2" Height


Charlie’s Backyard strives to improve the quality of life for dogs through design. Everything is designed with their comfort in mind, and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, for small to big dogs, alike.