Fish Taiyaki Bungeo-ppang Toy

HUMPHREY SAYS:Doggo street food!


  • This toy is shaped like a Bungeo-ppang, a fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste - one of South Korea's most popular street foods
  • Filled with material that makes crinkling noises to give your pup extra stimulation while playing.
  • Hide treats in the pocket and have your dog sniff it out for a fun nose work exercise.
  • Please note the included packaging is not meant to be a toy.
  • As always, we recommend supervising your dog while playing with any toys
  • Care: Hand wash is recommended; can be machine-washed at delicate cycle


  • approximately 5" - 6" in length


Howlpot is a design group based in South Korea that designs their products with the underlying notion that the same design value used for products for humans should be applied for the products for companion animals. You can rely on this award-winning brand for high quality, premium products.