Small Stuff

Fortune Cookie Dog Toy (Surprise!)

HUMPHREY SAYS: What's better than a regular fortune cookie? One where your hoomans can also hide in some small treats for better luck :)


  • Fortune cookie with a small pocket where the fortune slip can be pulled out.
  • Hide treats in the pocket and have your dog pull out the slip - your pup gets a fortune and a treat!
  • Fortunes include "You will be a millionaire dog," "You will be a supermodel," and more!
  • Just like real fortune cookies, you may not choose which fortune you get. The fun is in the surprise!


  • Fortune cookie is approx. 3.15" in length and the fortune is approx. 5.75" in length.
  • Suitable for small to medium dogs


Small Stuff is a pet lifestyle brand for our furry friends smaller than us. Small Stuff designs are inspired by Scandinavian design, characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftmanship and an honest expression.