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Velvet Hippo

Hex Cushion Bed in Rugged Canvas - Shadow


HUMPHREY SAYS: Can't decide if you want the box bed or the donut bed? The Hex Cushion bed solves that dilemma for you. If you're like me, and sleep in all sorts of positions, this bed might be the one for you. More sides, more angles, more support.

PLEASE NOTE: The Hex Cushion beds are shipped directly from the designer, therefore cannot be returned or exchanged. Beds cannot be shipped outside the United States.


  • Velvet Hippo's Hex Cushion Bed is back and better in the new Rugged Canvas textile. Tough and sturdy, the new Rugged Canvas has a tight weave and withstands tough puppy scratching. 
  • The canvas has been dyed, stone-washed and tumbled for a subtly faded shade of dark grey.
  • Hexagonal shape provides adaptive support and creates the perfect nesting environment for lounging or sleeping
  • The outer cover is made from a upholstery blend
  • The interior bolsters are filled with a hypo allergenic recycled poly-fill
  • The side and base inserts are removable with zippers, so you can easily wash the outer cover and all interior pillows
  • Designed in Brooklyn, NY


  • Small: suitable for pups up to 20 lbs
    • 22.5” Diameter
    • 6" Height
  • Medium: suitable for pup up to 45 lbs
    • 27” Diameter
    • 6.5" Height
  • Large: suitable for pups up to 70 lbs
    • 34” Diameter
    • 7" Height
  • See product images for size reference.


With the founders’ collective design experience and backgrounds in furniture and fashion design, Velvet Hippo is dedicated to the integrity of our pets, the quality of the products we produce, and a commitment to sustainability in manufacturing. Velvet Hippo embraces simplicity and minimalism, and stands behind their designs that enrich the interactions, environments, and memories we share with our dogs.