Buddy Belts

Buddy Belts Luxury Leather Leash - Emerald


HUMPHREY SAYS: The Buddy Belt Harness does not put pressure on the throat (trachea) which is great news for all dogs, and especially for pullers. The matching leash is made with soft leather and luxe hardware.


  • Made with soft, supple pebble-grain leather that is lightweight yet sturdy, and welded metal hardware that is durable.
  • Handcrafted in Canada


  • 1/2" (width) leash is for Buddy Belt Harness Size 1 – Size 4
  • 3/4" (width) leash is for Buddy Belt Harness Size 5 – Size 6


The Buddy Belt concept started in the summer of 1997. Each time Buddy, a miniature Dachshund, went walking, he would gag and cough. He needed something other than a neck collar. The harnesses available were difficult to use and did not always protect the neck. The search led to the creation of a harness that was easy to use and that reduced the stress on the neck.