Bite Me

Socks Dog Toy - Set of 3

HUMPHREY SAYS: Got a sock thief at home? Here's a great substitute - socks that are crinkly and have a hidden pocket for treats!


  • Ever heard of nose work toys? In nose work, dogs indicate the location of a “target” scent (i.e. treats!) by using their natural sense of smell. Training complexity: Low. Mental stimulation: High.
  • Crinkly for added stimulation for your dog while playing
  • Hide treats in the pockets, roll up the socks and serve!
  • As always, we recommend supervising your dog when playing with toys.


  • Each sock is 13cm x 7cm (approx. 5" x 3")


Bite Me is a pet lifestyle brand based in Seoul, South Korea. They design and manufacture quality dog toys, accessories, and more.