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About SBH

About SBH

Spotted By Humphrey ("SBH") is a place where dog lovers can gather to celebrate and enhance our human connections with our furry friends. We strive to be first and foremost, a community. We'll share uplifting stories, feature our dog friends, and interview inspiring people who are also fellow dog lovers. Ultimately, we're committed to bringing joy and happiness into the lives of both you and your beloved pup. Feel free to shoot us a note at and tell us about your furry friend!

We also offer a carefully selected collection of goods for dogs and dog lovers. We are committed to the discovery of fun, inspiring products with an elevated standard of craftsmanship and design. Spotted by Humphrey, loved by all.

Because we want to grow this community on friendship, we have a generous loyalty program - aka Stick Trade. We really appreciate you! We hope that the Stick Trade will be a fun way for you to earn points ("Sticks") to redeem for Gift Cards!

About Humphrey

Humphrey (aka "Spotted Humphrey") came into this world with a mission to bring happiness to everyone he meets. The last of his litter to be chosen, he was a quiet, unassuming infant puppy. His humans fell in love with this sweet, down-to-earth, old soul. As he grew in size, so did his love – for humans, dogs, food, pleasure, and life. As he is often described as the “happiest frenchie,” Humphrey is in fact, happy, every single day. He befriends dogs of all sizes and personalities, and he loves people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. His silly antics have brought warm laughter to people, and his lightness of being is an inspiration to us all. To many, Humphrey represents joy and pleasure; a gentle reminder to live in the moment, and most importantly, to love one another.

Humphrey & SBH

Humphrey's role on SBH is to be a friendly host. SBH is just as much about you as it is about him. He will introduce his dog and human friends to you, start a dialogue with you on hot topics, and even give you his commentary on every item in the shop.

It's no secret that Humphrey loves sticks. He's been collecting them, and transporting them all over San Francisco (see this clip on his side hustle, 1-800-GOT-STIX). The Stick Trade is Humphrey's secret plan to become the World's Biggest Stick Collector! To help him out, we ask that once you've collected enough Sticks through our Stick Trade program, to trade it in! He will give you Gift Cards to use in the shop in exchange for your Sticks. It's a win-win!

Thank you for being here, friend!