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Spotted By Humphrey

Poopsy Daisy Dog Poop Bag Holder - Toe Beans (Pink)

Bundle & Save! Set of 3 and Set of 6 available.

HUMPHREY SAYS: A simple solution to the crappiest problem!


  • Carrying a poop bag in one hand is inconvenient and unnecessary. Poopsy Daisy frees up your hand so you have much better control on your walks.
  • Our Motto: "No Poop Left Behind" Poopsy Daisy makes it easier to pick up after our dogs, dispose dog waste responsibly, and help keep public spaces clean.
  • Long-lasting: Made with silicone, not plastic
  • Thick outer rim makes it strong and durable, while the flexible center allows you to easily push the knot of your poop bag through.
  • The opening is long enough to easily accommodate up to 3 poop bags (maybe even more!).
  • The elastic loop attaches the Poopsy Daisy to pretty much anything.
  • In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we will plant a tree for every Poopsy Daisy sold.