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Camping Made Comfy (And Dog-Friendly!) : Mendocino Grove

July 23, 2019

Camping Made Comfy (And Dog-Friendly!) : Mendocino Grove

Hi friends, long time no blog post! Summer has been flying by so quickly and I've been pretty busy juggling multiple projects. So when Mendocino Grove invited us to come stay for a few nights, I jumped at the opportunity! It was really nice to take a few days to slow down and be closer to nature.

Mendocino Grove is a high-end campground located in Mendocino, CA which is about a 3.5 hour drive from San Francisco. It is "Camping Made Comfy" as they like to put it - I'd certainly agree and would like to add that it's also very dog-friendly!

We got to experience the Ruff Life package, which includes among other things a dog bed, biscuits, and a take-home jacket (this was our absolute favorite and is the cutest little camping vest! I even considered getting this jacket on SBH).

[Clockwise from top left: 1) Humphrey stays warm in the Mendocino Grove camping vest - the Buckle-Up Easy Harness fits perfectly over it; 2) Safari-style tents; 3) Our spacious tent with Humphrey on the bed for scale; 4) Humphrey sitting on the antique chest by the foot of the bed, looking out at nature, listening to birds singing - see this video to hear the sounds.]

If you would rather not splurge on the Ruff Life package, there are still many other complimentary dog-friendly features to the campsite that are worth noting. For one, there is an off-leash area for your dogs to run around and make new friends (you're required to have your dog on leash everywhere else on the campsite), a dog wash station to wash your dog after a wild adventure, and a dog-friendly trail surrounded by beautiful redwood trees.

[Humphrey is ready to look for sticks to collect on the loop trail. Shown in photos: Backpack Harness, Rose Bouquet Toy, Human/Dog Shareable Water Bottle]

Okay, you're probably thinking by now, yes it sounds like an awesome place to stay for my dog - but what will the experience be like for me? Well, let me begin by saying I'm not an outdoorsy type - if this was a standard campsite I wouldn't even know how to put up a tent, let alone start a fire, etc. (you get the gist). But I always envied people that embraced the rugged outdoors and liked to immerse themselves in nature. 

When they say "Camping Made Comfy" they really mean it! Your campsite comes with a beautiful safari-style tent already set-up and furnished with a bed (yes, an actual bed!) with heated blankets, chairs and other amenities you may need such as towels, extra blankets, lanterns, etc. The tents are set up on a wooden platform with enough room out front to sit comfortably on the butterfly chairs. The perfect spot to read during the day or to gaze at the stars at night. Humphrey loved taking a nap there (see video here). All sites have a fire pit and picnic table!

[Top: Humphrey enjoying his Ruff Life package bed. He wears a Burgundy Plaid Flannel Bandana and Sienna Ribbed Turtleneck. Bottom Left: Humphrey takes a break from his adventures and takes a peaceful nap outside with his Ruff Life package blanket. Bottom Right: Humphrey sitting on the butterfly chair showing off a Tiger Hoodie and Camera Toy.]

The bathhouse is centrally located on the campgrounds and includes hot showers, both indoor and out (with privacy of course). It is also nicely lit and stocked with EO Marin bath products! 

[Recharge from the day with a hot shower. Photo via Mendocino Grove]

The Meadow Commons is a great area to hang out and make new friends. In the mornings, coffee and hot chocolate is served there, and in the evenings there is a daily campfire. Mendocino Grove hosts Friday Dinners around the camp fire (for an added cost) which we really enjoyed (and yes, Humphrey was allowed to join!). Our dinner was served by Sandra McElroy of Trillium, a Mendocino favorite restaurant.

With all these great amenities and features you could easily spend your entire trip without leaving the campgrounds, but if you do feel like exploring the surrounding area, the Mendocino Village is just a 1/4 mile north. There you will find restaurants, markets, cafés, and shops.

At the town's edge is Mendocino Headlands State Park - Humphrey really enjoyed this walk in his Walking Suit (which got quite the attention from everyone we passed on our walk - it's definitely a conversation starter!). We followed the winding pathways to secluded beaches which were breathtakingly beautiful.

[Humphrey is beaming in his Walking Suit and Marine Rope Leash]

There's plenty of other activities such as biking, hiking and even canoeing. The Mendocino Grove website offers some great suggestions on nearby activities. If you're looking for a cool glamping trip with your dog, we highly recommend Mendocino Grove! It's a trip both you and your dog will enjoy!

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