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Become an SBH Pack Contributor

Become an SBH Pack Contributor

Do you have an heart-warming story to tell? How about a recipe for a homemade treat? Share them with us and the rest of our fast-growing community! We want to extend our platform and invite those who are passionate about their furry friends to get involved.

If you're interested in becoming an SBH Pack Contributor, please email us – – looking forward to hearing from you!

How It Works

Each contributor will work closely with our Content team on certain topics to cover. You can let us know which areas you are particularly interested in – recipes, tips and tricks, or anything else! From there, we'll work with you to publish content that's both engaging and informational to our community.

Each article has a minimum word count of 500. We may also feature the article in our social channels along with our newsletter for greater distribution!

Benefits & Perks

Each article you write will include a short blurb about yourself and your furry friend. If you'd like, you can decide to link out to a website, or Instagram handle. Also, when your article is published, we will reward you with 100 Sticks which you can use to redeem gift cards in our shop.