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A Day In The Life: Griffin & Haru

June 18, 2018

A Day In The Life: Griffin & Haru

Griffin and Haru (@griffinfrenchie) are two fawn French bulldogs who live with their Mom and Dad in South Korea, just outside of Seoul. Griffin loves learning new tricks and is obsessed with all ball-shaped objects; if there is a ball in the vicinity, he will find it quicker than you can say "Bob’s your uncle." Haru is the polar opposite to Griffin. She loves affection and all things food-orientated -- open the fridge and she will be there! As the saying goes, opposites attract.

Haru’s super power is to make food disappear in the blink of an eye, and Griffin’s super power is his smile -- just one smile can mesmerize a human to even forget their very own name. Hence Mom has to watch out for food and those smiles.


Haru:  We start the day around 7:30 am. We do our daily yoga stretches and it’s food time. Mom makes us human grade meals which she cooks once a week and freezes for the week. So at breakfast time we get our human grade meal, ground egg shells for calcium and ground dehydrated liver (important if you are feeding human grade meals), as well as some omega oil. After breakfast, it’s time for a walk at the park which is 5 minutes from our home. Every day we pray to see the neighborhood cat.


Griffin:  Mom normally starts work in the afternoon so after our walk we usually stay at home during the day, and Mom has a pet camera set to make sure we are A-OK. One time Haru got caught on camera eating the sofa cushion, so Haru has mixed feelings about the presence of the pet camera. Mom always checks on us, but we are pretty boring to watch as we just snooze all day in one of our 5 beds! 


Haru:  We eat dinner at around 7pm, which is same as our breakfast. After dinner, Mom normally checks our paw pads, wrinkles and snout. Every other day Mom applies balm on our paws, wrinkles and snout to keep us looking fresh and sparkly. Sometimes Mom also has to brush Griffin as he is a shedding machine.

Griffin:  And Haru has thicker fur and does not shed as much as me. I shed enough to make a whole new Frenchie -- that is my other super power! After grooming is done, we snuggle up with Mom and Dad to Netflix and chill.