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A Day In The Life: Taco

June 27, 2018

A Day In The Life: Taco

Taco (@tacoismyfriend) is a red Shiba Inu living in the South of Market (SoMA) neighborhood of San Francisco. He’s a smart, curious pup that likes to meet all of earth’s creatures, especially humans and dogs. He’s a fast learner and can learn a new trick in a few days. His humans like making him do silly things but he enjoys them because he gets all the good treats. 

Taco’s super power is being able to speak on command and control the volume of his voice. When it comes to battle, his main weapon of choice is his fluffy butt. 


I’m not a morning person. I like to sleep in as long as I can. I’ll wake up around 8 am to drink some water and take a tinkle in our patio. Then back to bed till my humans take me to work. I ride the Muni bus every morning to the Financial District with my dad. The bus drops us off at the bottom of California street and from there, we embark on our first exercise of the day: the steep hill. By the time we go into work, I’m full of energy and ready to mingle with all my dog and human friends. During breaks, I get my zoomies out at St. Mary’s Square. It’s filled with sand, grass and tiny humans I can play with. 

I was free fed since I was a little Taquito, so I usually pick at my food throughout the day. My humans recently switched me over to Acana and the Salmon flavor is my favorite. I’m not picky when it comes to treats. Crunchies, stinky jerkies, apples, carrots –I love them all.  Sometimes my humans even trick me and reward me with my kibble. They don’t think I know, but I know. 

During the weekends, I’m usually at my neighborhood park or people watching at a coffee shop. My humans like to explore outside of San Francisco and we make sure to always bring our Gulpy Water Bottle Dispenser.


After a long walk home, I get a good wipe down with Perfect Coat Deodorizing Wipes and my coat brushed out with a Zoom Groom. Although my humans do a good job with this, I usually groom myself quite a bit. 

I do a few laps in the living room and while my energy levels are still up, my humans like to squeeze in some training time. I’ve never had any formal training/classes but my humans always keep it interesting. I usually dislike cuddling, but somehow they taught me how to cuddle on command. 

I wind down by curling into a croissant and get comfy in one of my 10 favorite spots on the living room rug. I used to sleep on my mom’s pillow but then I got too big and farted too much. Now I sleep in own bed and fart as many times as I want.