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A Day In The Life: Murrie

August 27, 2018

A Day In The Life: Murrie

Murrie (@saintmurrie) is a Saint Bernard and Standard Poodle mix, AKA Saint Berdoodle, who lives with his humans in the city of Chicago, soon to be moving into his new house in Lincoln Park – a very trendy area for families and pups alike. He is a 3 month old puppy with the true temperament of a Saint Bernard – lazy, lovable, and stubborn when it comes to walking/exerting any sort of energy for long periods of time. When he does master up the strength to go for a walk, he stops and greets almost everyone he meets, loving every bit of attention and petting. He loves all kinds of treats when asked to come, sit or lay down but hot dogs and string cheese are his favorite and the smell will even wake him out of a sound sleep!

Murrie has mastered the splooting position and you can find him doing this on almost any surface – marble floors are his favorite since they are so slippery! 


I start my day around 6am when I wake up my humans to take me out of my crate and outside to pee. Then we come back in for breakfast which consists of Fromm’s Large Breed Puppy kibble and a scoop of Stella & Chewy’s grain-free stew to moisten it up and make it that much more enjoyable. After breakfast we go outside again for #2! Once we’re back inside for the morning, we do rubbing, snuggles and playtime with a bunch of my favorite toys including my unstuffed fox, blue ball on a rope and my Moose Kong. I try to annoy my humans as much as possible while they attempt to get ready for work. I don’t like not having attention when I know they are in the same room so I bark to let them know I don’t want playtime to end.


My humans both go to work full-time but on occasion my mom works from home so she is able to cuddle and play with me all day. When I get bigger and I’m more potty-trained my dad promises to bring me to his company’s office which has an outdoor yard! For now, a dog walker comes to play with me and take me outside until my humans get home from work. He makes sure I get lots of water and treats including my favorite daytime snacks - Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw beef and my peanut butter filled Kong. Did I mention snoozing is one of my favorite activities? If not, it definitely is and so I like to take advantage of the time my humans are away and sleep soundly in my crate.

On weekends, I stroll around the city with my humans as far as my lazy self will allow. I like meeting all of the city pups and sniffing them as they walk by. I’m still a puppy so get over excited easily – the older dogs sometimes get annoyed with me. Once I get bigger and am fully vaccinated, I will be able to go the dog parks around the city and hang out with lots of new furry friends!


I eat my dinner around 5:30pm when my mom gets home from work – same routine as breakfast. On a normal day we will cuddle and play after a long day of being apart, although since I’m teething my humans give me some alone time to chew on my Nylabones, bully sticks and rope toys. I usually get bored of this pretty quickly and bark to let them know I’m ready to play with them again. Sometimes my humans take me on walks to outdoor patio restaurants where they drink wine, eat and watch me as I snooze with my legs sprawled out in all directions.  On Tuesdays I go to puppy school and am learning to sit, touch my nose to my humans’ hand, come, watch my humans, interact with other puppies, etc.  I go to bed around 11pm and successfully snooze through the night (most of the time) until 6am the next morning when we do everything all over again!