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A Day In The Life: Misty

August 13, 2018

A Day In The Life: Misty

Misty (@misty_thewhiteshepherd) is a very cuddly White Swiss Shepherd. She lives with her Chihuahua sister Zoëy, her FOUR cats friends and her humans in The Netherlands. Misty is a real cuddle bug and a hyper active pup. Sleeping or chilling isn’t for her! She loves to go outside to play with anything or anyone she can. Her favorite place to play, sniff or chase birds, leaves, bugs or anything that moves and to get dirty is the forest! Her favorite toy is a frisbee (but a stick or a ball will do, too).

Misty’s super power is that she ALWAYS have a big smile on her face! We have never seen her grumpy!


My day starts with cuddles, a lot of cuddles… After that my humans take me outside to do my business and to do my morning exercise! I always exercise in the morning or evening, especially in the heat! My exercise is running, running and running. Sometimes a little tug of war will do fine! After half an hour of exercise, we go home to get some breakfast! I’m raw fed, so my breakfast contains usually some kind of beef, and my humans always add coconut oil and salmon oil into my breakfast!

After that, we usually sit on the couch to... (you might have guessed it already) CUDDLE!


During the day is the only time I allow myself to chill or nap, for just two minutes! When my humans go out to work or school I stay in my crate, but they will never leave me crated for too long.

Whenever one of my humans get home, we go to the forest! Sometimes we meet up with some friends; otherwise, I’ll make new friends with everyone who is there! My humans always bring my favorite toys and snacks with them! I love to get really dirty while I’m in the forest (my humans love that too, I think...). Of course, I have to get some photos, too, to show everyone how much fun I have on my adventures! After we had fun playing around, swimming, and rolling in grass, we go back home!

When we arrive home, I’m usually a little tired from the hike so I chill around, and chew on some dried bovine ear -- they are my fave!


My dinner is served at 8pm. Evening is for chilling in our home, so that’s what I will try to do as well! And when I say "try," I mean hoping my humans will play with me some more! My humans can’t say no to my puppy eyes so we play or train most evenings (I always get my way).

After that, I am really tired so we chill on the couch to cuddle and nap together! Then, we go for the last walk around the block before we go to bed. I always sleep with my humans and little sister in one bed, because as you may know by now, I LOVE a good cuddle, so that’s what I’m doing every single night!