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McQueen: The Vegan Dog

August 02, 2018

McQueen: The Vegan Dog

McQueen (@mcqueen_the_frenchie) is a brindle French Bulldog who is named after the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen of his namesake brand. She is a fashionable pup living in New York City. Today we discuss an interesting topic that is dear to McQueen and her human's heart, which is sure to be new to many -- it is certainly a new topic for us, and we are excited to hear all about it!

Humphrey: Hi McQueen, I heard you are a vegan pup! We'd love to hear more about your vegan diet!

McQueen: Sure, ask away!

Humphrey: Is your human vegan, and is that why she chose to have you on a vegan diet? We'd love to know if you've always been on a vegan diet from the beginning, and your reasons for being vegan!

McQueen: Mama is vegan, and while that played into her initial investigation into whether I could be on a vegan diet, it was not without a lot of careful research on whether that would be appropriate for me - I'm her baby after all! Mama wanted me to be healthy and happy and noticed that I was having trouble eating and digesting my meat-based kibble and wet food. I simply didn't want it and had to be coaxed to eat - that in combination with terrible digestive problems. After several other foods, mama gave me the vegan V-Dog kinder kibble with some warm water, and I chowed it down and my tummy issues went away immediately! I'm much more energetic and have a much healthier coat! Mom has peace of mind knowing that I am enjoying my food, getting all the nutrients I need, and living in a way that is kinder to our planet and fellow beings.

Humphrey: That's so great that your vegan diet is working really well for you! I have some human friends that are vegan themselves, but they feed their pups a raw meat diet as they believe this is a "species appropriate diet" for them. With raw meat diet increasing in popularity among us dogs these days (which I am also on a raw meat diet currently), what are your thoughts on a raw meat diet for dogs? Do you think a vegan diet is just as healthy, if not more?

McQueen: Yes, I do think it is healthier, as I am getting all of the protein I need without all of the saturated fats that could be bad for my heart and joints. Mama also found that studies show that a vegan diet is just as effective if not more in terms of absorbing nutrients as a meat-based diet. In terms of it being more "species appropriate," we know that dogs have been omnivores for thousands of years and that dogs have evolved to digest starches better than wolves. The case in which a vegan diet wouldn't be okay is with cats as they do need nutrients that can only be found in meat sources. The concern about raw meat is that it might have harmful bacteria in it or that it is too high in fat. I'd also like to note that the dog that lived the longest, Bramble, was vegan and lived to be 25! There's definitely something to be said for plant-based eating.

Humphrey: Wow, I did not know about Bramble! That is incredible. I would love to hear about what your meals and treats look like! Could you give us a brief overview of what you typically eat on a daily basis?

McQueen: Of course! My main meal is the V-Dog kibble with warm water - this is a kibble based on pea protein and I can't say enough good things about it. Mama will add a mix of dehydrated or fresh vegetables to give me extra nutrients. I can't get enough of it and lick my bowl clean now!

Humphrey: Nice! What is your favorite vegan snack? For us pups out there that are not ready to go vegan but want to be mindful of our meat consumption, I think a great place to start would be to introduce more vegan treats. I love sweet potatoes and fruits!

McQueen: Yes, I totally agree. I love sweet potatoes as well! I'd have to say those and peanut butter, and I recently discovered the vegan pup cakes and bones at By Chloe in New York.

Humphrey: That place is so cute (and perfect for the 'gram, too)! What is a good resource for those that want to learn more about transitioning into a vegan diet? Is there a thought leader in this space?

McQueen: I love V-Dog as they link up to a ton of other helpful sites that are not related to their products to help you make a decision!

Humphrey: Awesome. I'll link that for our audience. Thank you for sharing! Lastly, where can people and pups find you to connect with you?

McQueen: I am on Instagram (@mcqueen_the_frenchie) and you can also find me at!