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A Day In The Life: Chunki

July 05, 2018

A Day In The Life: Chunki

Chunki (@chunkithefrenchie) is a 4-year-old fawn French Bulldog who lives with his big human family in the London borough of Barnet, UK. He is a foodie and is often found in the kitchen or at the dinner table waiting for someone to give in to his puppy dog eyes. When he’s not begging for food he is seen roaming around the garden and often chasing birds, squirrels, bunnies or Muntjac deer. Chunki’s super power is that he can hear nothing but everything at the same time! Did we mention he has his own emoji, Chunkmoji


I wake up around 7-8 am (yes, the humans let me have a lie in sometimes!), and I go through my morning yoga stretches to make sure my body and mind are prepared for the day ahead. I then head outside to do my business before I have my breakfast, unless its raining. If it’s raining, I will have breakfast first as I hate the rain.

For breakfast I have my favourite Nutriment Raw Rabbit Formula with my allergy tablet hidden inside it somewhere (pesky allergies!!).

After my scrumptious breakfast I will then head outside to scan the perimeter for any animal activity that I may have missed while I was having my beauty sleep. Then, I head back inside for my daily cleaning ritual, which consists of having my face, ears, paws and bum wiped down with my MalAcetic wipes which are great at preventing skin fold problems as they contain anti-bacterial and anti-yeast properties. Once I’m all spruced up I’m ready for whatever the day has to throw at me!


During the day I get looked after by my grandpa whilst the rest of the humans go to work to bring me home the bacon, or so I’m told…but don’t worry, we have lots of things to do during the day! I often help unload his van where I direct proceedings, we ride on this big machine that cuts the grass, play around with my toys and we also have lunch.

I get fed three times a day as I am always hungry and looking for food. Lunch is the same as breakfast minus the allergy tablet.

I will then have my afternoon siesta in one of my many beds around the house.

My favourite is my pod from Guisapet. I find it makes my snorts and snores sound epic, and it’s also super comforting and one of my favourite safe places when I need some alone time.


My dinner is served at 8 pm on the dot or I will get grouchy and not speak to anyone for a few hours. Dinner is the same as breakfast and lunch -- I really love my food. After dinner, I have to scan the perimeter yet again to make sure the neighbour’s cat hasn’t been on my turf! Once I am sure the perimeter is secure I head back inside for my bedtime biscuits. This is probably my favourite part of the day because I have my two best humans back, mama & grandma (they spoil me). They have a cup of tea and I eat the biscuits.

Around 11 pm, I head off to bed in my crate. I love my crate. When I came to my forever home, the first place I wanted to explore was my crate and puppy bed. Fun fact: I won’t give up my puppy bed…mum has tried many times to get me a new bed but they just explode.😊 I will never live without it!!!