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A Day In The Life: Horton

July 18, 2018

A Day In The Life: Horton

Horton (@HortonMcSnorton) is a cream French Bulldog who lives with his humans in the King West neighborhood of downtown Toronto, Canada. He is very food motivated (as pigs are) and has a thing for doodles (one word: FLUFF). Nicknames include: Hortie, Brat Pig, Fluffer Nutter, Nugget, The Baby and Christmas Poo. Long story on that last one. 

He has recently made an appearance on Canadian news network CBC's On The Money to discuss the "Makings of an Instagram Pet Star."

Horton’s super power is the ability to become an immovable object. He can double as an anchor at the drop of the hat if he sees a potential playmate or if he has decided he's walked far enough. His signature move is the stop, drop and flop.


Are you a morning person? ‘Cause I’m not. My human tries to wake me up at 7:45am, but I usually lie in bed until she prepares my breakfast. Why would anyone get up for anything but food? My breakfast consists of Big Country Raw turkey dinner, mixed with Stella and Chewy’s dehydrated patties. Once I’m done with the food in the bowl, I always check for meat scraps I might have flicked onto the wall. Leave no scrap behind.

After breakfast I go for a quick tour around the block where I delight commuters waiting for the bus with my signature sidewalk tumbling routine. If I’ve done my job right I will have successfully caused a scene.

After my walk I get to work filming and producing my Instagram Story show, “The Daily Carrot.” I review all sorts of snacks and share some Horton-approved life hacks. So far, watermelon has been my favorite summer treat to chomp on.


During the day, I work on spending time in all five of my beds. They get quite jealous so it’s important to share some fur with all of them. If it’s a sunny day, I follow the sun across the floor like a napping sunflower. Pro tip: A 30 min bake time on each side gets you a perfect golden tan, just like a rotisserie chicken.

Later in the day, my pack mates from Gussy and Company and I go out to strut our stuff on the mean streets of Toronto. I’m definitely the clown of the pack. My walker says I have a special talent for distracting even my most well behaved pack mates. My pack mate Fendi and I have quite the rivalry going on about who finds the best sticks to snacks on. Current score – Fendi: 2 Horton: 1. Crunch time, literally.


My dinner is around 7pm, which coincides with when the humans get their act together and decide on what they’ll be eating and what I’ll be begging for. I make sure to finish my dinner quickly so I can camp out by their feet. The male human is especially prone to food droppage and it pays to be in the right place at the right time.

After dinner, I warm up for bedtime with a quick nap. When the humans turn off the lights, it means they’re getting ready for bed so I make sure to wait by the stairs and try to catch the last human Uber to the big bed. The humans usually only let me sleep with them on the weekends, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to sneak in every night. My motto is, “You miss 100% of the beds you don’t try and sleep in!”