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A Day In The Life: Lola

July 25, 2018

A Day In The Life: Lola

Hi! I’m Lola Barksdale (@lolabarksdale), a cream frenchie living in Brooklyn, New York! I’m almost five years old (turning five this weekend!). Even though I’m technically a dog, most days I’m a unicorn but lately I have been a #floofdragon which is exactly what it sounds like. I love everything that is purple and glittery. My favorite foods are mango and dust bunnies. I would like to lick your nose, whoever you are. I love doodles and my frenchie friends and especially my humans. My super power is that I can sing. Very, very well.


My mom goes to work early, so 7am-10am is Lola/Daddio time. If it’s cloudy, I stay in bed until Daddio plops me down on the floor. If I can feel the sun coming through the blinds, I wake up early and run to the terrace door to start sunbathing. I eat PetPlate food for breakfast and a square of Angel Eyes chicken chews to keep my eyes clean. I have a grass patch on my terrace that I pee on if Daddio and I are not in the mood to take a walk. While Daddio showers I sleep in my bathroom bed (I have a bed in every bathroom in the apartment). When I know Daddio is ready to go I walk into my room and lay down.


Every day while Mom and Daddio are at work, my friend Mister Matt comes to take me on two walks. The first one is at 11am and we usually walk with either Fluffy Friend Ziggy or Scraggly Friend Gloria. Then at 3pm, we walk just the two of us. My neighborhood has lots of tourists so I make a lot of friends every single day. I also leave furs everywhere I go. In between walks I sleep. Sometimes I sleep in my bed and sometimes I crawl up onto my chair and sleep there.  


Mom comes home around 6pm and then we have Mom/Lola time! We go to Cadman Plaza Park most days after work and mom lets me off my leash because I’m a very good girl and there’s no cars. That park has the best sticks so I usually pick one out for mom to carry home. I eat dinner at 7:30pm and then I chew on my toys and play with Lion, my very favorite toy. Mom says he needs some surgery. I think he’s fine. I start falling asleep on the couch around 9:30pm and then we all go to bed around 11pm.



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